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Small Recycling Programme

We are super excited to have now set up a small recycling station here at the Brooklyn Community Centre. Some of you will know we have been accepting liquid paperboard (Tetra Paks and similar) – currently we are the only drop-off point in Wellington – and household batteries since late last year. Now we have added to this with items that we can take to the Sustainability Trust to save you having to do so – and hopefully stop a few more things from entering the landfill. The recycling station is in the foyer outside the main office – to the left as you enter the main door to the building. There is also an aluminum can collection cage in the community centre carpark.

The Rules

Small recycling is sorted and dropped off by volunteers. Please ensure that the following rules are followed when dropping off recycling:

  • Wash and dry all food-related material before drop-off.

  • Follow the liquid paperboard instructions (right) before drop-off.

  • Plastic lids without a 2 or 5 recycling symbol cannot be recycled.

  • Sharp metal lids cannot be recycled -  they are dangerous and may result in serious injury.

  • If in doubt, bin it. Sorting through recycling takes a lot of time and this small recycling scheme is only sustainable with your diligence. 


Accepted Items

  • Liquid paperboard (Tetra Pak and similar)

  • Lithium ion (e.g. rechargeable batteries) – Please tape lithium battery terminals prior to dropping off

  • Nickel cadmium/alkaline batteries: AA, AAA, 9V, C, D, N Zinc air (e.g. camera batteries)

  • Silver zinc (e.g. laptop and hearing aid batteries)

  • Other household batteries

  • Mobile phone batteries

  • Metal jar lids Number 2 and number 5 plastic lids (please keep them separated)

  • Small metal items (e.g. drink bottles, clothes hangers, kitchen utensils)

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