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Small Recycling Programme

We are super excited to have a small recycling station here in the foyer at the Brooklyn Community Centre. Some of you will know we have been accepting liquid paperboard (Tetra Paks and similar) –  we were the first  drop-off point in Wellington – and household batteries for a while now. We also accept items that we can take to the Sustainability Trust to save you having to do so – and hopefully stop a few more things from entering the landfill. The recycling station is in the foyer outside the main office – to the left as you enter the main door to the building. There is also an aluminum can collection cage in the community centre carpark.

Recycling Drop-Off Hours

You can drop off your recycling Monday - Friday between 7am and 6pm and any other time the community centre is open (usually weekday evenings during school terms, Sunday mornings, and ad-hoc times during the weekend.)

The Rules

Small recycling is sorted and dropped off by volunteers. Please ensure that the following rules are followed when dropping off recycling:

  • Wash and dry all food-related material before drop-off.

  • Follow the liquid paperboard instructions (right) before drop-off.

  • Plastic lids without a 2 or 5 recycling symbol cannot be recycled.

  • Sharp metal lids cannot be recycled -  they are dangerous and may result in serious injury.

  • If in doubt, bin it. Sorting through recycling takes a lot of time and this small recycling scheme is only sustainable with your diligence. 


Accepted Items

  • Liquid paperboard (Tetra Pak and similar)

  • Lithium ion (e.g. rechargeable batteries) – Please tape lithium battery terminals prior to dropping off

  • Nickel cadmium/alkaline batteries: AA, AAA, 9V, C, D, N Zinc air (e.g. camera batteries)

  • Silver zinc (e.g. laptop and hearing aid batteries)

  • Other household batteries

  • Mobile phone batteries

  • Metal jar lids Number 2 and number 5 plastic lids (please keep them separated)

  • Small metal items (e.g. drink bottles, clothes hangers, kitchen utensils)

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